Ultimate Chess

Ultimate Chess is perhaps the most interesting online chess game ever created. The rules of the game are the same as all other chess games, with the only difference being the actions that take place after a chess piece has been taken off of the board. Every character that gets killed has its own special sequence that plays, depending upon the character that killed it. The game effectively adds excitement and comedy to a board game. Every time you select a chess piece to move they will make a comment that is fitting of their character. The Queen tends to have an attitude when she is moved!

The rules and gameplay is almost identical to regular chess, so there are no new controls to learn. The cut sequences after each kill are very entertaining, in fact there are 50 different executions to watch, each one being highly unique and hilarious. You can see how many of the executions you've viewed so far by clicking on the executions tab in the main menu. There you will see a list of check boxes next to the title of each execution scene. To make the game more exciting, you can even change the chess board in Ultimate Chess.

The bottom of the playing screen has various options, including a banner that will display the amount of execution scenes you have viewed thus far. The game's music sets a battlefield mood that makes the anticipation of each game rise. Ultimate Chess is a chess game that you can continue to enjoy for weeks on end!